R@W KTM Luggage Carrier – Rack and Saddle


R@W KTM Luggage Carrier – Rack and Saddle


Here we bring you a one stop solution for your touring needs. Simple yet effective, the RaW (Ride@Will) KTM-LR25 unit is your best buddy when it comes to effective touring without the hassle and clutter of bungee cords and cargo net. Systematic and smart.

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Product Description

The R@W (Ride@Will) KTM-LR25

KTM Motorcycle Luggage Rack and Saddle from Faaster Wheels

features all the essentials to load up those saddlebags or tail-bags and head onto the mountains or cross boundaries to explore the unknown. The KTM Motorcycle Luggage Rack and Saddle from Faaster Wheels has been tested over some of the most strenuous terrains. The 25kg payload rear rack can withhold the toughest of jumps and undulations that the road throws at you.

Built out of steel, it is modular to be carried around easily and is designed to be put together with just as much ease. Finished in high quality paint, the R@W-KTM-LR25 has plenty of hinges and loops to wire the luggage straps to make sure none of it moves around. At speed or at thrill.
Add to that, the stainless steel built side plates are designed to endure the weight of the saddlebags as you go riding over places far beyond. No more struggling to find places to hook the bungee cords or the luggage straps. Your search ends here – with the R@W-KTM-LR25 by FaasterWheels.


We are a considerably small and new outfit and hence we cannot keep the Luggage Rack units ready in stock. We start on the manufacturing as soon as the order is placed with us. So we hereby kindly request you to give us 15-20 working days to ship your order.

Thank you.

Additional Information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 36 x 18 x 6 in


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